Cloud Engineering

Whether you’re looking to develop cloud strategy, architect and design mission critical cloud service, deploy new cloud, lift-and-shift existing application and infrastructure, or if you are looking to automate DevOps processes – Our Cloud Engineers have the experience.

Quality Assurance

Outsourcing all or part of your QA process to Nephele Solutions, gives you advantage of lower costs offshore, while improving the effectiveness of your QA organization and QA processes with staff that are more skilled than you’re likely to find at home.


We have automated testing of web applications and sites, and integration of testing within continuous integration process.

Dedicated Team

Our clients can reserve a dedicated offshore team for an extended period of time. They will know their engineers by name, and benefit from the investment they make in training the team on their business, systems and development methodology


Cloud Engineering, Moodle Dev & Support, Video Streaming, Web Applications Development, Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing.